Graduate Students

Abubakar Abdulkadir

Ph.D. Student, History and Classics

Research project: The ‘Emergence’ of the Verse Tradition in Mauritania: Intellectual History and the Culture of Islamic Scholarship in the “Land of Million Poets.”

Emad Afkhsan

PhD Candidate; History, Classics & Religion

Thesis topic: His project examines peasant unrest and power relationships in Safavid Persia, known as the Siyāh pūshān.

Sayeed Al-Zaman

MA Student, Digital Humanities
Research topic: Religious misinformation on social media in Bangladesh


Houssem Ben Lazreg

PhD Candidate, Modern Languages and Cultural Studies

Ahmed El-Damanhoury

MA Student, History and Classics
Thesis Topic: The forgotten founders of Egyptian football: Sports, Culture and Society (1890-1956)

Rezvaneh Erfani

PhD Candidate, Sociology
Title of Research Project: A Post-Colonial Critique of the Global Environmental Justice Discourse

Darush Farrokh

Ph.D. Student, Sociocultural Anthropology


Anas Fassih

PhD Student, Political Science

Hajar Ghorbani

PhD Candidate, Music
Topic of Dissertation: The Dissemination of Azerbaijani Pop Songs in Iranian Azerbaijan 

Nazli Gul Deniz Claeys

PhD Student, Political Science

Hande Gür

PhD Candidate, Anthropology
Thesis topic: The rise of Sufi mystical practices among young, middle-class women of Turkish origin living both in Turkey and the West.

Reyhaneh Javadi

PhD Student, Sociology and Social Anthropology
Topic of Dissertation: Encroachments in Juridicial Field: Iranian’s struggle for Rights as a Social Non-Movement.

Ehsan Kashfi

PhD Candidate, Political Science

Uthman Khan

PhD student, Sociocultural Anthropology

Reza Khodarahmi

PhD Student, Political Science

Emad Mousavi

Ph.D. Student, Philosophy 

Shahab Nadimi

Ph.D. candidate, Modern Languages and Cultural Studies

Md Nazmul Arefin

PhD Student, Sociology
Thesis topic: Islamophobia in Canada: Exploring the lived experiences of Muslim university students.

Behrang Nikaeen

PhD Candidate, Music
Title of Dissertation: The impact of Iran’s post-revolutionary cultural policies on Persian classical music composition

Saman Rezaei

PhD student, Modern Languages and Cultural Studies
Thesis topic: His thesis examines the idea of a leading Muslim mystic, Suhrawardi, and his theory of intuitive ontology through narrative structures and symbols, and the influence of this ontology on the transformation of the substance of symbols.

Mehdi Rezania

PhD Candidate, Music
Title of Dissertation: The impact of Iran’s post-revolutionary cultural policies on Persian classical music composition

Rojina Sabetiashraf

MA Student, Art History

Arshad Said Khan

PhD Student, English and Film Studies
Thesis Topic: Hijra Nation: Representing the Subaltern in Postcolonial Narratives, Films and Life Writing

Mailk Samara

Ph.D. student, Political Science
Thesis Topic: Malik critically examines the presumed ideological, religious, and political threads linking the Palestinian group of Hamas and the Lebanese Hezbollah.

Sajad Soleymani Yazdi

PhD Candidate, Modern Languages and Cultural Studies
Title of Dissertation: Of Sand and Snow: The Eco-Witnesses of Canadian Settler Muslims and The Cree

Laya Soleymanzadeh

MA student, Modern Languages and Cultural Studies
Thesis topic: Her doctoral project, titled “Narrative and Metanarrative Hospitality in Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis,” challenges reductionist Orientalist and/or Occidentalist narratives.

Samira Torabi

PhD Candidate, Anthropology
Title of Dissertation: Women Creating New Spaces: Reconfiguring Gender Segregation in Iran

Nakita Valerio

PhD Student, Religious Studies

Salima Versi

PhD Student, Religious Studies