In Memory of Mohammad Reza Shajarian


Tribute to Maestro Mohammad Reza Shajarian

Mohammad Reza Shajarian (1940 – 2020), Iran’s legendary vocalist and master (Ostad) of Persian traditional music is widely considered one of the greatest Iranian artists of all time. One of his signature songs “Bird of Dawn”– a rhythmical classical piece – best encapsulates how he became “the voice of Iran.”

Bird of dawn, start your lament, relight my anguish
Break this cage with your scintillating sighs and turn it upside down
Wing-tied nightingale, emerge from the cage corner
And sing the song of human freedom
O God, O Heavens, O Nature, turn our dark night into morning!

Talk by
Professor Rob Simms, University of York
Majid Derakhshani

Performance by
Barbad Ensemble: Mehdi Rezania (Santur) and Abtin Ghaffari (Tombak)

Watch the event HERE.

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